MItsubishi Xpander out today  

granted! Buy authentic kit at a special price 24,999 baht from 34,000 baht price (today - 31-May 62) 
the SUPER SURPRISE Mitsubishi car to win the 400,000 or 100,000 baht distributed every month. The total cost of 15 million baht 

for free! Insurance 1-year 
gain of more than 10 entries, plus 
the conditions were set by the company. 
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Mitsubishi Motors Thailand branch near you 
in Amnat 045-523244-6 
----------------------------. ----------------------- 
branch Warinchamrab 045-322034 -5 
branch Phibunmangsahan 045-441100 
branches Ubon 045-311882 - 13 
branches 045-362685 Det.
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Major 045-810728 Kantharalak 
in Si Sa Ket 045-613036 
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US Website: the https: // the www. 

Mitsubishi SUPER PRO provides Fearless  

 get free insurance for 1 year  
 warranty for 5 years, with wages Czech term for 5 years  
 receive a free package of 5 years to maintain good heart. Which includes free 
 maintenance 5-year and 24-hour roadside assistance for 5 years 

with a discount many other extras. 

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Test Drive: Https:// 

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Mitsuthaiyont branch nearest 
branch Phibunmangsahan 045-441100 
branches Ubon Ratchathani 045-311882 - 13 
branches. Warinchamrab 045-322034 -5 
branch Det u dom 045-362685 
---------------------------------------. ------------- 
branch Amnat Charoen 045-523244-6 
------------------------------ ---------------------- 
branch Sisaket 045-613036 
branches Kantharalak 045-810728 
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fanpage: Mitsu the GROUP Thaiyont  
the LINE @: Mitsuthaiyont 
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Today the privileges provided by Mitsubishi for free!!
Just download the application, and then complete the registration M-Drive.
Cash discount and service, including the maximum value of baht 350 *
(100 baht and 250 baht for service oil change synthetic versions of participation). 
For special customers
Criteria for details click

Can then download the?

The campaign news 
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