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1. make the Czech Center entry free 22 Mitsubishi around the country.
2. a maximum discount value of 350 baht for service oil change synthetic at participating models.
3. remove batteries from older cars worth 300 baht discount when changing the battery, the Mitsubishi brand with extended warranty for batteries in total 15 months.
4.0% installment 6 months.
5. when accessing a service change tire Receive a free tire 1 line when purchasing tires for the same version of the 3 lines or choose to get discount 250 THB per 1 value for buying tires (depending on the model of the car).
6.0% interest installment entitled 10 months when changing tyres, Mitsubishi.

Call for appointment. Mitsuthaiyont Service Center nearest you.
Ubon Ratchathani branch 086-460-0569
Warinchamrab branch 063-023-9997 
Det U dom Branch 086-468-8568
Phibunmangsahan branch 062-196-5599 
----------------------. ------------------------------ 
Srisaket branch 063-023-9991
Kantharalak branch 098-585-3033 
------. --------------------------------------------- 
Amnat Charoen branch 081-955 -3320

Flask with a glass of water stored in heat-cool. 
Lock&Lock sells special price 750 baht!
Normal rate 1,598 baht (subject to availability)

Maintaining distance 
* To insure the public's confidence in fighting the use of performance continuously throughout the lifespan.
Recommendations for care 
Before leaving the car at all times. The driver must check before use to prevent accidents and damage which might be caused by the condition of the vehicle, the driver must be inspected. The car follows 

the vehicle checked before use by the car, walk around the car. To check the condition of the external tank, the inclination of the car and tires that nothing unusual open the bonnet to check the oil level, check the water level in the reservoir water, check the oil level, brake and clutch, check the acid level. battery condition and battery terminals, detect leaks and stains. Of oil and water in the engine room and under the car keys and then check the warning light switch on. Dial that contact intact Then the engine Then check the lights are extinguished properly, check the fuel level. And the temperature of the engine, check-free operation of the brake, clutch, steering wheel and handbrake lever, check the sound of an engine malfunction.

Using economical car Payload or baggage that does not need to be removed from the car. It saves fuel Fill Tire pressure should be determined by the auto companies. Too little pressure consumes more fuel. Using speed The high speed fuel consumption even more. Low speed is 60-90 km / hour to plan your trip properly. Explore the traffic route that saves more fuel. 

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Warranty Mitsubishi cars. 
Within 5 years or 100,000 km (whichever time period which is earlier) parts are guaranteed, unlike the general warranty Radio Monitor and cable warranty period of 3 years or 100,000 km (whichever one long one. is earlier) tires The warranty period of 2 years or 50,000 km (whichever time period which is earlier) battery warranty period of 1 year or 20,000 km (whichever time period which is earlier) 
* Please refer to the warranty conditions, more detailed guide. The vehicle 

Damage and circumstances that are beyond the warranty 
as the vehicle is modified. And installation of equipment More is not endorsed byMitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Limited.
Oil and Chemicals 

You can contact the localMitsuthaiyont showroom . Branch near you
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