Mitsuthai Sisaket

Mitsubishi SUPER PRO provides Fearless  

 get free insurance for 1 year  
 warranty for 5 years, with wages Czech term for 5 years  
 receive a free package of 5 years to maintain good heart. Which includes free 
 maintenance 5-year and 24-hour roadside assistance for 5 years 

with a discount many other extras. 

More details: 
Test Drive: Https:// 
The condition is defined by the Company. 
For more information, contact the Mitsuthaiyont showroom 
in Sisaket 045-613036.
Check with a real confident.

1. make the Czech Center entry free 22 Mitsubishi around the country.
2. a maximum discount value of 350 baht for service oil change synthetic at participating models.
3. remove batteries from older cars worth 300 baht discount when changing the battery, the Mitsubishi brand with extended warranty for batteries in total 15 months.
4.0% installment 6 months.
5. when accessing a service change tire Receive a free tire 1 line when purchasing tires for the same version of the 3 lines or choose to get discount 250 THB per 1 value for buying tires (depending on the model of the car).
6.0% interest installment entitled 10 months when changing tyres, Mitsubishi.
Since the campaign period started January 1 – March 31 2562 2562.
Call for appointment. Mitsuthaiyont Service Center 
Sisaket branch 063-023-9991
Mitsuthaiyont Co., Ltd. in Sisaket 
Location: 222 m. 6. Phon Kha. Muang. Sisaket 33000 
Phone: 045-613036, 063-0239991 
Days and Hours: Mon - Post 8:00 to 17:00 pm. Every day. holidays   
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